What Players Should Know Before Claiming Free Spin Casino Credits

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Competition for online casino players has never been stiffer. With new and better online casino sites launching daily, operators must stay one step ahead by offering bonuses like free spins. These free casino credits give new and loyal players a chance to play slot titles for free without risking actual money. 

What Players Should Know Before Claiming Free Spin Casino Credits

But if you're a new player, you might be tempted to claim the biggest free spins in the iGaming world. Sadly for you, bonus spins can have some hidden terms that can make or break the free sessions. That's why you should read this online casino free spin guide before claiming free spins on the casino website. 

What Are Online Casino Free Spins?

The name alone explains what this online casino bonus is all about. Free spins are free game credits given to slot machine players. In other words, the casino can allow you to spin the slot machine several times without using your precious money. The free and simple nature of this online casino bonus reward makes it appealing to novice and seasoned players. 

In most cases, online casino free spins are given to new players who successfully complete the sign-up process. Many casinos often include free spins in their deposit match bonus promotions, and the bonus spins can be credited in several installments. Sometimes, loyal casino players can also get free spins on a slot machine that the operator wishes to promote.

But free spin bonuses are not only standalone online casino rewards. You can also get bonus spin rounds while playing most slot machines. All it takes is to get at least three scatter symbols to enter the bonus rounds. Some games can even allow players to win more free spins after landing the same number of scatters during the bonus rounds.

Online Casino Free Spins Selection Guide

As said before, novice online casino players are guilty of claiming any free spin promotion that looks good to the naked eye. But you cannot really blame them because all gamblers have an unquenchable thirst to win. Bigger bonuses are usually better for most online casino players. 

Below are some important considerations when choosing an online casino free spin credit:

The slot machine's house edge

The house edge is the worst nightmare for any online casino player. This rate represents the amount the casino keeps from every free spin wager you make. If a slot machine has a 4% house edge, the house keeps $4 from every possible $100. Many slot machines indicate the RTP (return to player) rate instead of the house edge. So, subtract the RTP from 100% to get the house edge.

With that in mind, it's evident that a lower slot machine house edge will be favorable to your free spin sessions. The thing is that the house edge directly affects the average amount you lose per hour. This means players must carefully select the qualifying slot machines for the free spin credits. 

Assuming you play 500 spins per hour and each spin costs $5 on a game with a 4% house edge. In that case, your expected hourly loss will be $100. From this math, you can safely conclude that a higher house edge leads to more free spin losses. Thankfully, the house edge only catches up after thousands of  rounds on  all online casino games. 

Wagering requirements

You haven't met the wagering requirements if you think the house edge is the "devil" in a free spin promotion. Free spins can look like one of those free bet credits while playing at top online casino sites. But if you look closer, you'll realize that the casino has included play through requirements. This is the number of times you must play using the free spin credits before withdrawing any winnings. 

For instance, a free spin promotion can have up to 30x wagering requirements. If that's the situation, you must play with bonus credits up to 30x to withdraw any winnings accrued. So, if the play-through requirement is too high, don't take up the free spins. Apply the same thinking when claiming any online casino bonus. 

Variance and hit frequency

An online casino free spin promotion can have favorable wagering requirements, but the variance/hit frequency will determine how often you win. A slot machine's variance or volatility is how often the game pays out and by how much. 

Low-volatility slot machines pay out more often but in small amounts, whereas the reverse is true for highly volatile titles. In short, playing a low volatility slot is ideal if you want to win something from your bonus spin rounds. But you can still win a jackpot in a highly volatile slot.

So, how can you confirm the volatility of a slot machine? For starters, play using the free spin credits to know how often the game pays out. To ensure this, you can also use other online casino bonuses like match deposit and no-deposit bonuses. 

But because bonuses are usually limited, it's best to play the free demo version of the slot. The free demo version lets you play thousands of rounds with virtual money and make a substantive conclusion. 

Other Free Spin Bonus Requirements

If the free spin reward ticks the checklists above, read the terms to ascertain the validity period. All online casino bonuses have a validity period, after which the site will withdraw the promotion. Ideally, the period to fulfill the wagering requirements should be realistic. Don't claim a 300 free-spin bonus with a one-day period to satisfy the requirements. Remember that you have other things to do besides playing online slot machines. 

It's also critical to confirm the bet limit of the free spin credit. A casino bonus with a higher minimum bet limit will allow you to meet the play through requirements much faster. But on the flip side, your free spin credits will deplete quicker. So, it shouldn't be too low or too high. 

No Strategy Works with Free Spins

You can clearly see how free spins work on top online casino apps. But although considering features like the wagering requirements, house edge, and game variance increase your odds of winning a payout, it's critical to note that slots are games of chance. It's a foregone conclusion that you'll remain a spectator after spinning the reels.

To that end, lowering your expectations of winning a payout from the free spin credits or real money wagers is advisable. Matching winning symbols on a slot machine is a 50/50 affair. And it even gets worse because the house always has an edge. So, play slots for fun and consider any free spin wins as bonuses. Remember, play on all the pay lines!

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