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VCreditos is a payment platform only found in Brazil that can be used for a variety of purposes, and one of them is making deposits at online casinos. It is a solid alternative to the well-known Neteller platform and offers Brazilian players a new chance at having an e-wallet system that can handle multiple payment options in one place.

This article will break down all of the key features of VCreditos, what the major benefits are in using it and how it can be used to make deposits and which casinos currently accept it.


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      What is VCreditos?

      What is VCreditos?

      In a time period when other e-wallet platforms had become unavailable for Brazilian users, VCreditos rose to the top of the pile as a locally-grown option. Working with multiple national banks in Brazil to process payments, and available to play in over 20 separate top online casinos, it is purely available in Brazil, so it has an extremely focused design. While it is a relatively new system, it is rapidly moving towards being universal across the country.

      VCreditos isn’t a financial institution as such but works more like a payment enabler in the same way as PayPal. Payments can be made through bank slips, bank transfers or Bitcoin wallets, and withdrawals are made the same. There are multiple specific options for making deposits, although several of the fast-track ones require the user to make several regular deposits before they get access to them. There is also the PIX system, but this one is still in development and isn’t as universally available as the others.

      Depositing with VCreditos at Casinos

      • Deposits with VCreditos first require opening an account with them, although this is free to do. Note that VCreditos limits the accounts to one per IP address.
      • After the account is activated, the best next step is to download the app to a smartphone or tablet.
      • From there, you can link to a bank account or an e-wallet so that payments are processed smoothly in the future.
      • The options to deposit are then a direct bank transfer, a bank bill or via the PIX system. With 5 particular banks that offer it, there is also the Instant Bank Deposit, which can deposit funds instantly as the name suggests. Also, there is a fast banking slip option for those players who have been using VCreditos for at least 60 days and deposited a minimum amount.
      • Once there are funds in the account, the e-wallet can be used at participating casinos in the same manner as other payment options such as credit cards and PayPal. More than that, it doesn’t matter if the funds added to the wallet were originally in BRL, USD or even Bitcoin, as the app will convert everything automatically.
      What is VCreditos?
      How to make a withdrawal with VCreditos?

      How to make a withdrawal with VCreditos?

      As VCreditos works as an e-wallet, any casino that will accept deposits from it will also accept it as an option for making withdrawals, although the rules and limits for it in this case would be set by the specific casino.

      As for withdrawing from a VCreditos account, funds can be withdrawn to a linked bank account or a Bitcoin wallet. There are several rules for how withdrawals work though:

      • Any funds deposited into a VCreditos account must be used at one of their partner casinos and cannot be directly refunded. Withdrawals are limited to winnings that are returned from those casinos instead. This includes any prizes or bonus funds added directly into the account.
      • For security reasons, VCreditos will only allow bank withdrawals to the same bank account that the player has linked and not any external account.

      VCreditos Processing fees & times

      The time for a deposit to process is 2 working days, not including the day the request was made. For any deposits over 30,000 Real or 10,000 USD, that increases to 3 working days, and the maximum that can be requested in one transaction is 40,000 Real or the US equivalent.

      Withdrawals made to a Brazilian bank carry no fees for the transactions, but withdrawals to a Bitcoin wallet carry a fee of 1.5%.

      How to make a withdrawal with VCreditos?
      Where is VCreditos accepted?

      Where is VCreditos accepted?

      VCreditos is only available to be used by Brazilian players, although several casinos from outside of Brazil accept it if they have a local Brazil version of their site.

      Currently, only three currencies are accepted by VCreditos:

      • Brazilian Real
      • United States Dollars
      • Bitcoin

      Funds put into a VCreditos account can be used in any casino that accepts Real.

      Where is VCreditos accepted?
      What bonuses come with using VCreditos?

      What bonuses come with using VCreditos?

      One of the more appealing parts of using VCreditos as a wallet is that it comes with a number of special bonuses for users. This comes in the form of the V+ scheme, which works something like a loyalty scheme at a casino itself. Club V+ allows users to earn points on their transactions, which can then be exchanged for prizes.

      There is also a V+ Partner upgrade available, which is a premium version available by applying to one of the partner sites. Each Partner status is individual to the partner, so it isn’t shared across the network. Being a V+ Partner increases the number of points earned with each transaction.

      At the standard rate, $100 Reals converts to 5 points, although partners can earn them up to 6 times faster. Prizes vary each month depending on what the V+ Store has in stock.

      What bonuses come with using VCreditos?
      How to choose the right Deposit Method

      How to choose the right Deposit Method

      The biggest advantage to VCreditos as a payment platform is that it has ties and partnerships with many of the largest banks in Brazil, including many virtual ones that don’t require an extensive sign-up process. This means that deposits and withdrawals can be approved and processed much faster than with global alternatives.

      The Club V+ loyalty scheme is also a major plus point, as it gives something back simply for using the platform. Moreover, it is always expanding available deposit methods.

      The major negative to VCreditos is that, as it is only available to those living in Brazil and with Brazilian banks, it wouldn’t work in the event the user moves to a different country.

      How to choose the right Deposit Method
      VCreditos Account Opening Process

      VCreditos Account Opening Process

      Opening an account with VCreditos is free and a fast process, as opening the account itself doesn’t require any documentation. All that is needed is a verified email address for the account.

      There are various forms of evidence that may be required to use different features, such as making withdrawals:

      • Front and back of your identity document, which includes a photo and CPF;
      • Selfie holding the document;
      • Proof of residence in your name;
      • A bank statement showing your agency, account and name.
      VCreditos Account Opening Process
      Discover other deposits

      Discover other deposits

      Within Brazil, there are several other options for making deposits in online casinos. One of the more popular options in Brazil is PicPay, one of the leading payment platforms in the country, used for a variety of purposes. The most common, however, is what are known as bank tickets, a payment method backed officially by the government.

      Discover other deposits


      Everything you need to know about casinos

      What is VCreditos?

      VCreditos is a Brazil-only e-wallet platform that allows for the transfer of funds, in particular to and from online casinos. It is available as an app on both smartphones and tablets, and works in tandem with major banks.

      Can I trust VCreditos?

      VCreditos as a platform works in partnership with over 20 separate banking institutions, from traditional to virtual, and has particularly close ties to 5 major ones in order to provide fast deposit services.

      Can I transfer money from VCreditos to my bank account?

      When a user opens a VCreditos account, they will have the chance to tie their account to make deposits and withdrawals. Note that, once an account is linked and confirmed with VCreditos, withdrawals via bank transfer can only be made to that account.

      Is VCreditos free?

      Making a basic account with VCreditos is free, although certain fees will apply for specific transactions. For example, making a withdrawal to a Bitcoin wallet incurs a 1.5% transaction fee. Also, certain features require the player to deposit.

      How long do VCreditos withdrawals take?

      It depends on the size of the withdrawal being requested. Any requests up to 30,000 Reals or 10,000 US Dollars are processed within 2 working days, not including the day of the request. Any requests that total more than this will instead take up to 3 working days.