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A Voucher, commonly referred to as a coupon in American English, is a piece of paper that gains value by virtue of authorization by the issuer. If, for instance, person A issues a voucher to person B, person B can use the voucher to buy items at shop C. Shop C will then charge person A an amount equivalent to the value of the voucher (or whatever person B spent, but not above the voucher value).

There has to be a prior agreement between the voucher issuer and the recipient to use the method as proof of purchase. In most instances, person A may not need to pay Shop C promptly. Instead, they may have agreed to clear dues after a certain duration or spending limit.

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Top 1 Voucher Online Casinos

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About Voucher

As might be clear this early, vouchers were developed as a way to avoid entrusting people being sent on an errand with real money. It is important to note that vouchers are issued for a specific task only- food, shopping, casino deposits, etc.

A company that wants to pay for its staff lunch will be wise to give them vouchers instead of money. With money, some will not eat for various reasons. Others may even spend the money on things that are against the company policy.

In which case, the company would end up scoring an embarrassing own goal. While some employees will still use underhand methods like selling their vouchers, the company does much control by issuing vouchers instead of cash. Further down, this article describes how this example is relevant to voucher use in online casinos.

Voucher History

Voucher use has been around for well over a century. Some of the earliest known use dates back to the 1900s. Back then, vouchers were usually issued by governments to citizens to spend on various needs. The most popular one was the school voucher. It was issued to learners (through parents) to pay for education needs at schools chosen by parents or the government itself. The use of the voucher has spread to numerous other disciplines since then.

Voucher Popularity

The success of the government's use of vouchers year after year in the 20th century made administrators come to admire it a lot. Their popularity kept growing year after year. The government itself expanded from the use of vouchers in the school system to other utilities like feeding programs for the poor and healthcare for the old. These and more uses exist in many places today.

The popularity of the voucher is widespread across the globe in 2021. It is in use by both governments and private entities. Many private companies use vouchers to authorize their employees' expenditure in different service stores. During holidays, many companies gift their staff shopping vouchers to shop in select outlets.

The growth of online trade has benefited greatly from the presence of the voucher. People without bank details or those who do not want to diverge personal details often use vouchers. They walk to an authorized dealer, pay cash and receive a voucher. They can then use the voucher code to pay for goods and services online. The agent from whom they buy the voucher then remits the amount spent to the merchant. Any casino player will understand why this model would be popular among gamblers.

How to Make Online Casino Deposits with Voucher

Different casinos accept vouchers/coupons from different payment methods. Cards like Paysafecard, Neosurf, Astropay, Ukash, EcoVoucher, and Flexepin are some of the most popular ones accepted in major online casinos.

Before buying a coupon, players should always contact their preferred casino to enquire which agents they work with. This is often available on the casino site's payment methods page. Players can also contact support directly through chats, email, or whatever contact method is provided.

Once the accepted dealer is established, the player then pays money to the dealer. After the payment, the player receives a code, a set of digits and letters, which is the Voucher.

Using Voucher in Online Casinos

The player may then log onto the casino site and input the code in the deposit tab, voucher option. The site accepts the code and the deposit amount reflects immediately in the player's account—all set to play.

Casino players love vouchers as a deposit method because they have absolutely no foot tracks of their spending connected to their financial records. Voucher deposits are instant as long as one has the code. The method is also accepted in numerous online casinos. This factor plays a great role in determining the deposit method used by players.

Is it possible to connect the Voucher to a bank account?

No, players cannot connect their casino voucher option to the bank. Voucher is premised on surpassing the divulgence of personal and bank accounts. This would be working against that very premise. However, the card used to buy the voucher could be connected to their bank with no involvement of the casino whatsoever.

How to make a direct deposit with Voucher?

Once a player has purchased the voucher, the process of depositing is straightforward. All they need to do is go to the deposit page and input the voucher code.

What is the daily deposit limit for Voucher deposits?

Online casinos do not limit the value of the coupon that a player may deposit. However, the provider, e.g., Paysafecard, may have a daily limit.

Voucher Online Casino Deposit Summary

Voucher is an old transaction method that has evolved beautifully to adapt into online transactions. Its speed and a high degree of anonymity are its key strong features. Players only need to find an authorized dealer, buy a voucher code, and use it to make instant deposits. Most major online casinos accept this method, and numerous players love it. It fits perfectly with the needs of casino gaming; definitely, a method that will stick around for a long time to come.

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