The Best 10 Online Casinos in Bangladesh

Are you interested in finding the best online casinos in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, gambling is considered legal. But yet, there are many people who play at offshore casino sites. When choosing a top online casino in Bangladesh, players should be mindful to only play at trustworthy casino sites.

Our team of casino veterans has carefully picked the safest Bangladesh casinos to play as a Bangladeshi citizen. Have a look and pick your favorite today!

The Best 10 Online Casinos in Bangladesh
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Live Casinos in Bangladesh

The nation of Bangladesh has an interesting relationship with live casinos, like the one from Mega Casino World. Laws dictated by the government suggest that these online casino sites are inaccessible and that those who engage in this form of gambling will be penalized. However, this is not the case. Real money games are undoubtedly very popular with the people of this nation.

Live casino players can enjoy classic casino games thanks to certain loopholes within the law. Furthermore, in some ways, the blanket banning of such activities has had the opposite intended effect. Modern developments have also played a significant role in why so many citizens choose to play live casino games.

Not only the society and religion have this attitude towards gambling, but it is officially restricted under the Laws of Bangladesh.

According to it, no type of gambling is legal in the country. Live casinos in Bangladesh, of course, fall into this category, and it is forbidden for Bangladeshi casino players to gamble online, as well as organize physical casino activities.

However, as there are no land-based casinos in the country, there are active offshore live casinos that look to attract players from Bangladesh. People in the country love gambling, it is an activity that grows in popularity, so they find a way to play their favorite games on foreign live casinos.

Although it is forbidden to place any wagers, the Bangladeshi government does not prosecute individual players for gambling at international online casinos, as there is no case yet of a player being criminally charged for gambling online. The growth of internet penetration in the country is a major factor that adds to the popularity of live casino games.

There are tons of international live casinos that accept players from Bangladesh, and even for those that do not, players can simply use a VPN to access them, and rest assured that they will not be chased by the government.

The government seems more occupied with trying to stop live casinos from entering the market, rather than locking up individuals who gamble at those sites.

History of Gambling in Bangladesh

According to the constitution of Bangladesh, Islam is the main religion, and 90% of the population practice this religion. The Sharia law is the main Islam law that restricts all types of gambling, as it states it is a morally corrupting activity.

Gambling in Bangladesh has been restricted since 1867 when legislation called the Public Gaming Act was brought forward. According to this law, no casinos are allowed to operate within the countries.

So, most forms of gambling are forbidden in the country, but the residents love to gamble nowadays at live game shows, betting on horse racing, or other sports betting services.

The legal history of gambling in Bangladesh is not that long, because it has been banned for the past century. When the British ruled India, today’s territory of Bangladesh was part of India, and being just a part of that culture, where gambling is mentioned in epics, such as Mahabharata, so it would seem that wagering is in every Bangladeshi blood.

But, when the British ruled over the territory, the introduction of The Public Gambling Act in 1867 put a complete stop to all gambling activities in the country. After Bangladesh announced its independence in 1973, this law became part of the constitution as well.

According to these restrictions, no land-based casinos are allowed in the country, and if someone commits such a crime, there will be a huge fine, together with a prison sentence of up to three months. Also, individuals caught gambling at land-based establishments are subject to a fine.

Gambling Nowadays in Bangladesh

Land-based gambling is strictly regulated in Bangladesh, and according to The Public Gambling Act, casinos are completely banned. In addition, the official religion of the country is Islam, and according to the norms of Sharia law, gambling is a morally unacceptable activity, and no person should participate in any form of it.

Online casino games, on the other hand, is not strictly mentioned in any law, but according to Sharia law it is also considered to be illegal, and no real money live casino is able to obtain a license to offer its services to Bangladeshi players.

However, there are many offshore live casino offers that gladly accept players from Bangladesh, and as the popularity of online gambling in the country rises, many gamblers seek to play their favorite live games on foreign live dealers sites.

The government does not prosecute these players, so anyone thinking about playing at a foreign live casino can rest assured that they are completely safe.

Future of Online Casino in Bangladesh

Online gambling is not mentioned in the legislation of the country, so players can freely access foreign live casino sites without facing any criminal charges for it.

The popularity of online casino sites and sports betting platform sites in Bangladesh grows each day, as more and more people have internet access, and they see the value and the excitement of playing at foreign online casinos.

The young population of Bangladesh makes up the majority of the online gamblers in the country, and they are the driving force of new proposals for the government, but they have had no success so far. The benefits of legalizing gambling are, of course, enormous – from employment to more people, to collect taxes, and so on.

Although gambling can be a major contributor to the economy of the country, given the fact that the official religion forbids gambling, and the vast majority of the population is Muslim, it is highly unlikely that this situation will change anytime soon.

The good news is that the government does not look to actively stop players from accessing foreign online casinos, and gamblers make the most out of it.

There are many online casinos in the world that accept players from Bangladesh, so they can enjoy their favorite live casino games such as live baccarat, live roulette games, live blackjack tables, dice games, video slots, live poker games, and classic online slots.

Mobile Gaming

There are reports saying that over 161.000.000 people in Bangladesh are using mobile devices, and this is quite impressive. The internet penetration rises every day, and it is said that 5G internet service will be accessible within 2026. These numbers translated into gaming terms mean that the popularity of mobile gambling will grow rapidly in the near future.

The internet connection provided by the four mobile phone operators in Bangladesh is quite quick, and it is no surprise that online gambling on a mobile site is so popular in the country.

Mobile casinos are thought to be the future of gambling, and that will be the trend in Bangladesh too. The best live casinos optimize their sites for mobile usage, and they create fully functional mobile apps for both Android and iOS users, and an even better mobile gaming experience can be expected in the future.

Bangladeshi Players Favourite Live Casino Games

There are some top-class live casino sites with real dealers that accept players from Bangladesh, and their live gambling games are impressive. There are many games that gamblers from Bangladesh tend to choose as favorites, but some of the top favorites are:

All these games are known to be simple to play, easy to understand, but they can be quite rewarding, and they provide a high dose of excitement to punters playing them.

Live poker requires a lot of skills, but also a piece of luck, so it is understandable why it is so popular among players.

Live blackjack has many versions, and players play against a real dealer, with whom they can communicate, and these games can be played from a desktop, or a phone, no matter the location.

Software Providers at a Live Casino

A good indicator of a reliable live casino is the quality and the number of games it provides. When a player from Bangladesh searches for an offshore live casino to register on, they need to see carefully which game providers the live casino has partnered with.

Having the best software providers in the live casino means that the players can choose from thousands of games - including fishing games, baccarat, or roulette - which also have impressive graphics, providing punters with the ultimate gaming experience.

The best live casinos that accept Bangladeshi players have partnered with the best game providers in the market, some of them include:

Other Casino Games

The young gambling population in Bangladesh makes up the majority of online gamblers in the country, and they use sites like Mega Casino World Bangladesh to access the games and place bets, yet having the chance to enjoy a Bangladeshi-focused site.

These young players play all types of games on the best foreign sites that accept them. Those sites have a huge variety of games and bonuses - meaning that you'll also get your hands on a hefty welcome bonus, especially if you make your first deposit.

Online slots are among the most popular in Bangladesh, and it comes as no surprise, as that is the case in many countries in the world. Table games also deserve a mention, with the standard versions of blackjack and poker being played regularly.

Preferred Casino Bonus in Bangladesh

Another very important factor for Bangladeshi players in choosing a live casino to register on is the bonuses it offers. All of the well-established live casino sites that accept players from Bangladesh are known for handing out pretty appealing bonuses that include welcome bonuses and cashback options.

Welcome Bonus

Whenever a player registers on a new live casino, they will immediately be offered a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus usually is the live casino matching the first, sometimes the second, third, and fourth deposit of the player.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus is also very popular in Bangladesh, as in many markets across the world, and with this option, the player gets some of the money that is wagered back to their accounts, and they can withdraw the money, or use them to place additional bets.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is another one of those bonuses that Mega Casino World or software providers like Pragmatic Play love. However, it's obviously the players that hunt these casino bonuses down, since a no deposit bonus is basically free money that you get from the casino to play as if you were using real money.

A no deposit bonus at a casino can usually be $10, meaning that you do get a good chance to play roulette or other games. However, the bonus conditions can be more difficult to fulfil, especially when it comes to wagering requirements or the withdrawal request.

Payment Methods in Bangladesh

When it comes to the payment methods, the best live casino sites that accept Bangladeshi players are sure to have integrated the best options available, and any new player searching for a live casino will need to check the payment options they have at their disposal.

There are tons of reliable international live casinos that accept players from Bangladesh, and they have integrated the best payment methods available, such as:

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can I win real money in Bangladesh casinos?

You can wager money on horse racing in Bangladesh, purchase lottery tickets as well, and win real money. But, apart from these two options, no other gambling online activity is allowed in the Bangladesh territory. However, you can select an offshore online casino or mobile casino for playing gambling games and winning real money.

How long does it take to get my winnings credited?

If you want to withdraw a large number of money, options like Bank and Wire transfers would be the best for Bangladeshi punters. However, if you want to withdraw your money as fast as you can, use methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and more. Withdrawal may take 24 to 48 hours.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Bangladeshi players?

Most of the e-Wallet, credit, and debit card options that Bangladeshi punters have for gambling in casinos do not require any fees for withdrawals. However, Wire or bank transfer may take a minimum fee amount. Bangladeshi punters are also recommended to check online casino’s terms and conditions because few of them often charge an amount for withdrawals.

Are online casinos in Bangladesh safe?

The gambling options, permissible by the Bangladesh Government, are entirely safe, and you can bet on them. But, the government does not have any control over the offshore online casinos. Hence, before having registration with casinos such as Melbet Bangladesh casino, you should check whether they have a legitimate license or not. You should also go through the casino’s privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

What payment methods are available for online casinos in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi punters can expediently make monetary transactions, as they have a long array of convenient and safe payment methods for use. They can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, American Express, Amazon, eBay, and Bank Wire Transfer.

Can I play with Bangladeshi currency at Bangladeshi casinos?

Bangladeshi currency (Taka) is very acceptable in all legal gambling variants in Bangladesh. However, you cannot play with Taka in offshore online casinos within the gambling industry. Hence, you have to exchange the currency with other accepted currencies like USD, EUR, and many more.

Which banking options can I use?

If you are a resident of Bangladesh and playing in offshore gamble online sites, you are gifted with different banking options. For higher payments, Bank Wire Transfer is a good option, but it may require a small number of transaction fees. If you need money in less time into your account, you can use E-wallets, as they are fast, reliable, and usually free.