Best Dragon Tiger Online Casino in 2023

The Dragon Tiger game is one of the most popular games online nowadays. It’s an action game played with a standard deck of cards. Like Baccarat it has the same betting system. Players got the betting position of the dragon or tiger. The dealer then draws one card on both, Ace being the lowest and king the highest.

Gamblers who are delighted to play dragon tiger are always looking for many online casinos that give the highest payouts. Players can find a list below of high-quality online casinos with Dragon Tiger games. Some online casinos are more committed to offering players the best experience possible - especially when it involves live dragon tiger.

Different online casino sites use different approaches when it comes to the Dragon Tiger casino game. With different designs and varying perks for players. So take your time choosing a site to sign up to. It is mindful that gamblers learn how they can win at the best Dragon Tiger game because that's the only way to enjoy the huge payouts.

Best Dragon Tiger Online Casino in 2023
What is Online Dragon Tiger?

What is Online Dragon Tiger?

Online Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced and straightforward version of baccarat. The Dragon Tiger rules go like this: Two cards are dealt face down. These are known as the dragon betting position and the tiger betting position.

No additional cards come into play, since it's only two cards that count. Players wager if the dragon card or the tiger card have the higher value to win real cash. In the event of a tie, the casino takes half the winnings.

Players can bet on the highest card. They can also wager its suit. A variation on the game allows players to wager whether it is above or below seven. If the card drawn is seven, then the house always wins. Players need to keep in mind that aces are low.

Experienced players often bet on the last winning card in play, in the hope that a streak will occur. For instance, if the tiger card won last time, then the player would have a more likely chance of winning by betting on this tiger card over time or vice versa.

What is Online Dragon Tiger?
How to Play Dragon Tiger

How to Play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest casino games to play, be it at a regular casino or a live casino. The dealer deals two cards, one to the player (Tiger) and the other to the banker (Dragon). The player places a bet on who (Dragon or Tiger) has the highest card and waits for the dealer to put the cards on the layout face-up.

The rules of the online game allow the player to place a tie bet, which results when both the player and the banker have the same hand. And in case a player places a bet on the Dragon or Tiger, and the Dragon Tiger game ends up in a tie, the house takes half of the wager.

The order of the cards from low to high is Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. Unlike in most card games, the Ace is the lowest card and not the highest. The player is, thus, expected to choose which side to bet on and place the wager. The highest hand wins.

Therefore, a player only wins here when he or she bets on the highest hand at the Dragon Tiger game. When a player bets on the Dragon, for instance, and it shows the highest card, he or she wins. As much as it might sound to be too much of a guessing game, players are advised to be skilled when placing wagers.

How to Play Dragon Tiger
Dragon Tiger Rules

Dragon Tiger Rules

Like most casino games, players are expected to play by the rules, and so is the casino. The rules employed in the Dragon Tiger game are easy to understand. First things first, Dragon Tiger is played using a standard English deck of 52 cards. The cards are dealt from a shoe with eight decks, excluding jokers.

The player is at liberty to place their wager on the Dragon betting position, Tiger betting position, a regular tie or sometimes even a suited tie. The highest hand wins, and the casino pays even money. In the case of a tie, half of the initial bet is returned, but a tie bet pays 10:1 or more depending on the casino.

The rules of the Dragon Tiger game also allow players to place side bets. The Big and Small bet, for instance, lets the player wager on whether the card allotted to the Dragon or the Tiger will be big or small. “Big” means that the card value will be more than seven, while “Small” means less than seven.

Players are also served with other side bets such as Odd/Even bets and the Suits. Side bets are not compulsory though. The return to player (RTP) in Dragon Tiger is 96.27%, 89.64%, and 86.02% for the main bets, tie bets, and the suited tie bet respectively. As far as RTPs are concerned, Dragon/Tiger bets are the way to go.

Dragon Tiger Rules
Dragon Tiger Basic Strategy

Dragon Tiger Basic Strategy

Players are allowed to employ any known strategy to improve their chances of winning, be it at the regular Dragon Tiger game or at the Live Dragon Tiger game. Some players, for instance, resort to counting cards to determine the number of high or low cards left in the deck. Counting allows the player to improve their chances of winning when they play Dragon Tiger, but it does not assure them of a win.

It might also be beneficial to a player to monitor the suits, and this might prove to be highly rewarding when placing suit bets. As much as counting works, players should take note that the Dragon Tiger game is played with only eight decks, which will be shuffled after the fourth deck is used.

Part of being strategic requires the player to play by the rules. First, aces are the lowest cards. Secondly, irrespective of how a player wagers, tie hands will always give the online casino an edge over the player. Notably, the casino would not have the advantage over the players, if it did not take money from them in case of a tie bet.

Placing a tie bet once in a while can be a strategy in itself. Players are also advised to place side bets aside from the main bets. Knowledge of all available bets is key to enjoying and getting the best out of this fast-paced casino game.

Dragon Tiger Basic Strategy
Free Online Dragon Tiger

Free Online Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger games are a relatively new casino game, at least to punters outside Asia. As such, the best way to understand the basics of it is to try free casino games. Playing free casino games allows the player to learn how it works before switching to real-money play.

When a player starts playing, most casinos offer a few free coins. Winning automatically qualifies the player to carry on.

Most casinos, however, have a counter which keeps a record of the number of free casino games available to play in India, meaning that they might soon come to an end when the players reach the set threshold.

Free Online Dragon Tiger
Playing Dragon Tiger with Real Money

Playing Dragon Tiger with Real Money

The simple nature of Dragon Tiger makes it attractive for real money players. The chances of winning are reasonably high, but the house will always have an edge. Real money players are, thus, encouraged to understand the dynamics of the Dragon Tiger game and possible strategies which will improve their chances of winning.

Bankroll management is critical when it comes to playing with real money. As much as winning can be a considerable incentive, players are also advised to gamble responsibly. Players are encouraged to bet with only what they can lose, set limits, avoid chasing losses, and focus more on the fun part of the game; not just money.

Playing Dragon Tiger with Real Money
History of Dragon Tiger Games

History of Dragon Tiger Games

Dragon Tiger was first launched in Cambodia, Asia. It gradually grew in popularity across Asia. From its Asian roots, this game started appearing in casinos in different parts of the world. It is believed that it was developed for educational purposes, primarily stimulating the mind through the counting of cards.

The simplicity of the game makes it appealing to most players. From land-based casinos, this game has been introduced to online casinos. Its availability in online platforms has made it possible for punters from the entire world to enjoy this regular and live Dragon Tiger game. These perks explain why it is fast becoming one of the most popular online casino games.

History of Dragon Tiger Games
Alternative Casino Games to the Dragon Tiger Game

Alternative Casino Games to the Dragon Tiger Game

Alright, perhaps you've learned about all there is to Live Dragon Tiger or the Dragon Tiger apps on this site but you're not especially interesting in a Dragon Tiger game download.

That's alright because there are tons of other real cash games that you can play either in a live casino at a table, as a download game, or simply as a RNG casino game.

These are the most popular casino games that you can start playing once you've chosen your favorite casino apps or sites:

Online Slots

Fancy a game round of pure luck where no game has the same value? If so, then check out online slots. These are easy games that have all different house edge rates called RTPs. Slots can also have different themes with symbols that have natural values.

There are no cards dealt, since it's all about spinning a wheel. That's why sites like Casino Days are so popular worldwide, since you can access thousands of slots that you can start playing on casino apps or even at sports betting sites.

Online Blackjack

If table or card games are rather your thing, then you can also check out blackjack at an online casino or a live casino. Blackjack is among the most popular card games, with bets being placed every single second on different sites.

Similar to Dragon Tiger, blackjack can also be played in multiple versions at a live casino. What's famous about blackjack is the card counting strategy, which has resulted for some hefty controversy. On top of that, blackjack has a very low house edge.

Online Roulette

Looking for something completely dragon to both dragon and tiger? How about roulette? This table game is part of the huge casino tradition. You just have to choose a bet amount, your betting positions and hope to have winning bets. The dealer will then spin the famous wheel and end the game round.

What's also interesting about roulette is that the game shines as live casino game on sites like Casino Days. That's why you have quick access to this table game at most Indian live casino sites.

Online Baccarat

We couldn't just talk about alternative Dragon Tiger games without talking about baccarat. Baccarat is the origin of Dragon Tiger, which makes it special. On top of that, you've got tons of similarities to Dragon Tiger when playing Baccarat.

You've got the tie bet, the cards that are dealt by the dealer, natural values, side bets, betting positions, suited tie, winning bets, and instead of the tiger card and dragon card, you just have the classic deck.

Alternative Casino Games to the Dragon Tiger Game
Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

At Online CasinoRank we know the value of playing responsibly. That's why we don't focus just on Dragon Tiger in India. We also take care of any welcome bonus, available payment methods, regular bonuses, sport bets, game providers, or any simple game or feature you might come across with.

That's why we promote responsible gambling and want to help you out, in case you run into trouble with real cash while playing games at your casino. To do so, we suggest you to seek for professional help in India from organisations that help with sports betting or casino addictions.

However, you can also get help yourself. If you find yourself or someone around is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Dragon Tiger online?

Dragon Tiger is a comparitive card game that is highly popular amongst Asian players at casino sites. It is a fast paced casino game where players place bets or wagers on either Dragon or Tiger. It is available in both online computerized versions and live dragon tiger versions.

Is Dragon Tiger a game of luck?

Dragon Tiger is most definitely a game of luck. The Dragon Tiger game itself is quite superstitious and players are known to engage in all kinds of rituals in order to increase their chances.

Where is Dragon Tiger most popular?

Real money Dragon Tiger is extremely popular in China, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. The game uses auspicious symbols that are believed to improve the players chances of a lucky run.

Is Dragon Tiger online rigged?

Dragon Tiger is a game of luck with the overall probability of losing being higher than the probability of winning. That's the chance you take when you gamble. There are illegal sites that rig the game even more and these should be avoided.

Which is the most popular Dragon Tiger online?

The most popular version of Dragon Tiger is the classic game. There are some variants offered where the cards can be slowly revealed, which is believed to improve the luck of the player.

Why are there so many different Dragon Tiger versions offered online?

Actually, there are not many different versions of Dragon Tiger. There are various companies offering Dragon Tiger online, all with different decorations and sets but essentially they are the same game.

What is the objective of Dragon Tiger?

Though quite fast-paced, Dragon Tiger is an easy card game to learn and play. The goal is to determine whether the Dragon or the Tiger will draw the card with the higher value.

How do I beat Dragon Tiger online?

There are several tips and strategies players can consider to maximize their chances of winning the game. One is to bet only on the Dragon and Tiger places since they have an equal win rate and come with bonuses. Another is to avoid betting on the Tie because of the house’s high advantage of up to nearly 33 percent.

Can I play Dragon Tiger on mobile?

Yes, Dragon Tiger can be played on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Check out our list of the best Dragon Tiger mobile casinos to see the options available to you.

How many cards are there in Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. A shoe typically contains 6 to 8 decks, and no jokers or wild cards are used.

What are the most important terms that I should learn about Dragon Tiger?

If you want to become a Dragon Tiger expert, you should at least know some of the most important terms. For example, there are the side bets, the suited tie, the tiger card, the dragon card, the game round and the best bet to win the round. However, to learn all about it, we suggest you read this Dragon Tiger guide on Online CasinoRank.

What are the payment methods I can use to play Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger offers you the same payment methods like the regular download or PC game. Basically, you've got e-Wallets like Google Pay or PayPal, as well as credit cards and even cryptocurrency.

What makes Live Dragon Tiger so special?

Live dragon Tiger is different from any other Dragon Tiger version, since it it played in front of real dealers. They make sure that the betting positions, the side bets, the game round, and that the cards are dealt correctly. On top of that, Live Dragon Tiger is streamed with HD cameras to ensure the best possible experience at each game round.

Is the Live Dragon Tiger casino game the king of casino games?

Unfortunately, no. Live Dragon Tiger is just one of the multiple live games that you can play from any device. The famous king of casino games is blackjack, making roulette the queen. However, you can always consider Live Dragon Tiger as the ultimate king of casino games, if this is your favourite game.

What are the different cards that are dealt at Live Dragon Tiger?

At Live Dragon Tiger, you've got either dragon or tiger. Both can have the same value, if dragon and tiger are also the same card. However, it's true that players tend to prefer the dragon card at Live Dragon Tiger, since it's supposed to bring better luck to players.

What casino sites offer great possibilities to play Dragon Tiger?

There are so many online casinos out there to place your bets, that it's incredibly hard to choose just some of them. However, there are sites like Casino Days that are especially popular to have some great table games. Therefore, you can choose either the best download casino you can get your hands on or play at Casino Days, which many players recommend.