July 27, 2021

All Eyes on Indian Players as Ezugi Debuts Lucky 7

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With more than 760 million smartphone users, India is one of the most attractive online casino markets. As such, Ezugi is leaving nothing to chance after announcing the debut of Lucky 7 and an Indian-themed studio on May 31, 2021.

All Eyes on Indian Players as Ezugi Debuts Lucky 7

This 32-card game is the latest game launch from this Evolution brand. The fast-paced table game puts all its efforts into grabbing the gambling spirit of Indian gamers.

Launch of Indian-themed Casino Studio

Interestingly, the launch of the Lucky 7 studio coincides with the opening of an Indian-themed studio. It’s here that the company will stream Indian live casino favorites like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and Namaste Roulette. The studio boasts the latest gaming technology to ensure gamers get the smoothest gameplay experience possible.

After the launch, Ezugi’s Pang Goh said that Lucky 7 is an action-packed game with super-fast but straightforward gameplay. Furthermore, he said that the game offers a fun experience when played on any online casino compatible with desktop or mobile. Pang Goh finished by stating that the side bets will give the game a brand-new dimension full of choices and winning potentials.

Something About the Game

First and foremost, Ezugi’s Lucky 7 is an Indian-inspired card game playable on any live casino. As expected, 7 is the ‘magic’ number. Here, players need to predict whether the next card drawn from the deck is above or below 7. It’s that simple!

In the meantime, the game uses eight decks of cards, and an unlimited number of gamers are allowed. A cutting card is stationed approximately ¾ through the shoe, with the shoe being replaced after reaching this card.

The available main betting options on Lucky 7 are:

  • Below 7 – pays out 1:1.
  • Above 7 – pays out 1:1.
  • 7 – pays out 11:1.

For additional entertainment and winning potential, Lucky 7 also lets players wager on side bets. These bets can be placed alongside the main one or independently.

The side bets available include:

  • Red – pays out 0.98:1.
  • Black – pays out 0.98:1.
  • Even – pays out 1.1:1.
  • Odd – pays out 0.8:1.

It’s vital to note that the dealer dishes out a single card on each round. So, how do you know that you’ve won the game?

The dealer will display a single face-up card at the center of the table after completing each betting round. If the dealt card is a 7, then Below 7 and Above 7 wagers are returned minus 50%. The other wagers are settled, depending on the drawn card’s result.

How to Win Regularly in Lucky 7

If you’re still here, it’s apparent that you’re interested in playing Lucky 7. But hold your horses! Although this game of chance seems so straightforward on paper, putting together wins is a different ballgame.

So to win at Lucky 7, you have to choose the right bet. Typically, the most lucrative is the odd bet (3,5,7,9), which has a more than average RTP rate of 96.92%. The red and black side bets don’t perform poorly, either, with 95% RTP each.

However, the main bets and even bets offer painfully low 92.3% RTP rates. Now this makes them a no-go zone if you want to win more often in this card game.

Start Playing!

Now that you know the gameplay basics and the type of bet to choose, it’s time to get a piece of the action. The thing is to start with smaller bets and gradually increase your stake as the game becomes more explicit.

You can also use the statistics feature at the bottom of the screen to view your previous results and calculate your next moves. And yes, only play Ezugi’s Lucky 7 on the best online casinos to enjoy a fair playground. Enjoy!

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