Top High-roller Bonuses 2023

The high roller casino bonus is designed for players who deposit and wager large amounts of money. Standard deposit online casino bonuses may not be satisfying, especially for this group of gamblers. Naturally, middle and lower segment gamblers bring significant business to online casinos, but high rollers are often the most valuable players and thus, many casinos offer amazing high roller casino bonuses.

Top High-roller Bonuses 2023

Best High-Roller Bonus Casinos

Despite their vast size, high roller casino bonuses are also subject to casino terms as tight as those stated for other bonuses, if not tighter. Casinos know that high roller gamblers are likely to make outrageous bets which could bring the house to its knees if they were won.

So online casinos take measures to safeguard themselves by imposing conditions on their bonuses. These conditions can include limitations on which games the bonus can be used for and wagering requirements that may be difficult to meet.

Not every online casino out there accommodates high rollers well, and so, there aren't many high roller casinos out there. Finding the best high roller casino sites doesn't have to be complicated, though, with the help of our high roller casino comparison. Here are some of the core factors we evaluate when picking out the best high roller bonus casinos.

Safety and licensing

The best high roller online casino needs to have top-range safety features. We're still talking about depositing and betting large amounts, and clearly, no one wants to risk their money or data on a casino site that doesn't care about its players.

Top high roller online casinos are always licensed and regulated, preferably by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission (though there are many other gambling authorities). Online CasinoRank chooses high roller casinos carefully and only features casino sites that carry an appropriate license.

Payment limits

Online casino high rollers really care about one aspect: deposit and withdrawal limits. High rollers are not regular gamblers who are satisfied with a maximum withdrawal of 1000 dollars per week. On the contrary, a casino high roller needs much bigger payment limits, often reaching tens of thousands of dollars. And of course, the best high roller casino bonus offers may also require bigger deposits.

The best high roller casinos should accommodate a high roller's payment needs and thus, offer more flexible payment limits (and fast withdrawals).

Game selection and bet sizes

High rollers are also keen on placing bets in some specialized casino games, not your standard games like online slot machines that appeal to a more average gambler. Most high rollers are interested in elaborate live dealer tables, classic card games, poker or roulette. This means that the online casino and its high roller bonus should apply to these casino games.

Of course, bet sizes matter, too, since high rollers may want to place higher bets (sometimes even tens or hundreds of dollars in one go). The best high roller casinos are definitely the ones with the greatest bet range and a high-value casino game portfolio.

How To Become A High Roller?

What is a High Roller Casino Bonus?

The high roller casino bonus is a special bonus developed for gamblers that put a lot at stake. It’s basically a deposit bonus, but it’s based on much higher amounts than usual and with a lower percentage of a match bonus. The terms and conditions for a high-roller bonus are often more generous than a casual deposit bonus, since the online casino knows it’s not going to be a target for bonus hunters.

And when it comes to the high roller meaning, it basically entails a gambler who simply bets more money or deposits larger sums. The actual definition of a high roller may differ depending on the casino, since some online casinos may have different rules on who they consider to be a high roller.

How do high roller bonuses work?

In a nutshell, a casino high roller bonus is a typical deposit bonus, as mentioned above. Many online casinos may offer a special highroller bonus already on the first deposit, but the main difference between these and regular bonuses lies in the amount. If the regular deposit bonus may stay around 100-500 dollars, the high roller bonus may reach up to 5000 dollars easily. Regular high roller casino bonus offers are around 1000-2000 dollars, and, of course, it requires a matching deposit. Other online casinos may offer a special high roller bonus for gamblers who participate in the loyalty or VIP program - the more you bet, the higher the VIP level and the higher the highroller bonuses become.

The best highroller bonus is always the one with the fairest terms and the lowest wagering requirements but in any case, Online CasinoRank lists the best offers available for high rollers.

High Roller Bonuses vs Standard Casino Bonuses

Benefits of a High Roller Bonus

High roller gambling is, in a way, the epitome of online gambling - it's the cream of the crop. As a high roller, you can feel like a truly special person and that's the exact appeal of high roller casino bonus. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy when you redeem a high roller bonus offer.

  • Great prize for big bettors - If you spend a lot of money, you naturally expect to get something back. As a bigger and more active bettor, a high roller bonus is like an extra reward for all these efforts.
  • Huge amounts - High rollers won't be satisfied by regular deposit bonuses. These specialized bonuses bring big wins to those who are looking for greater offers. No other bonus reaches such amounts.
  • Better wagering conditions - Often, high roller bonus casinos entail more flexible and friendly bonus terms, contrary to smaller bonuses. Casinos know they have to treat their high rolling gamblers, so they offer better conditions.

High Roller Casino Bonus Cons

The idea of redeeming a huge high roller bonus is appealing, but it's not always the best way to go. In some situations, it's better to stick to the good old deposit offer, so consider these downsides carefully.

  • Not meant for every gambler - High roller bonuses are huge, and obviously, these amounts are not feasible for every budget. You should never endanger your personal finances in the pursuit of high roller bonuses.
  • Game restrictions - These bonuses only apply in some high roller casino games where bets tend to be bigger (like card and table games). Moreover, bonus funds may not be available for every game or there may be wagering restrictions applied to certain games. This may inhibit your overall gameplay.

Turn High-Roller Bonus into Real Money: Wagering Requirements

Sometimes, high rollers decide to use the money they get in the form of bonuses to play for real money, or at least, that's the end goal: using the high roller bonus as real money funds. However, before this can be done, gamblers need to consider wagering requirements and other bonus conditions that must be fulfilled to convert the high roller bonus into real money.

  • The wagering requirement remains the saving grace for the casino when high rollers play with their bonuses.
  • Houses know that even if high rollers win, they are likely to abandon the win, because of the wagering requirement. Even if they were to pursue it, the casino gains from the money used.
  • A high roller who uses a $10.000 bonus to win a million dollars is likely to be playing with a 20x or more wagering requirement.
  • They would thus be required to spend $200.000 to trigger their winnings. This will take a while, by which time the casino is likely to have made money from other bets.

These pesky wagering requirements are the exact reason why no high roller money bonus could be used to make money, so to speak. Playthrough requirements make it a tad a bit tougher to convert the funds into real money and therefore, the house always wins, even when highrollers win a lot of money.


High-Roller Bonus terms and conditions

Though wagering requirements may stand in many players' way on the road to converting their bonus into real money, there are some other terms and conditions involved. Every online casino has different terms, so it's essential to read bonus terms carefully. Here's an example of some restrictions high roller bonuses may entail:

  • Bet limit restriction - Bet size limits aren't exactly something high rollers want to hear, but no bonus can be wagered through with unlimited bets due to the casino's rules and business-savvy principles. Therefore, your bets may be limited until there's an active high roller bonus on the account.
  • Game restriction - High roller bonuses are often applicable only for certain casino games, notably card, and table games, though online slots may also be covered. However, these bonus funds can't be used for all casino games - many options may be completely excluded from fulfilling the wagering requirement.
  • Time limits - No bonus is available forever, and the same goes for high-roller bonuses. Though these bonuses may have longer time frames, the bonus may still expire within 30-60 days, or sometimes even sooner.
  • Maximum winnings - High roller bonuses, luckily, don't tend to suffer from this restriction, but nevertheless, some online casinos may inhibit cashing out over a certain limit. In that case, you can't ever cash out winnings that go above the maximum limit.

Free High-Roller Bonus

Casino high rollers bet big even with their own money and place seemingly outrageous bets. There is, therefore, no imagining what they could do with free money; many of them use these free bets as a chance to make a once-in-a-lifetime bet, a sort of all-or-nothing wager.

They may also use these casino bonuses to play games that fall outside their usual realm of fixtures. Usually, these are high-risk, high-return bets that the casino hopes against hope do not go the punter's way. Luckily, outrageous bets almost always end up in player losses, and casinos get to keep their money.

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High roller bonuses are attractive to online casino gamblers because they offer huge sums of cash, promise impressive wins, and longer gambling sessions. However, not everyone can handle high roller casino bonus offers - which is why they're aimed at just a certain type of casino player.

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Online casinos provide numerous bonus options to entice new customers and keep regulars coming back. High roller bonuses and standard online casino bonuses are not the same and have several notable differences. To fully understand these distinctions and determine which bonus is best suited for your gambling style, let's delve deeper into the specifics.

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It takes time and dedication to climb to the top of the iGaming mountain. Time, energy, and a sizable amount of money are required. However, becoming a high roller could be the best decision if you enjoy gambling and want to step up your game.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a high roller bonus?

High roller casino bonus is a special offer reserved just for special players - gamblers who've spent significant amounts or who've become regular gamblers at the online casino. This may entail depositing 1000-2000 dollars at once, depending on the casino site.

Where to find the best high roller no deposit bonus codes?

Due to the nature of high roller status, there aren't usually any no deposit bonuses for high rollers available. Becoming a high roller requires higher bets and spending more money, so this is not exactly the territory for a no deposit bonus.

What games are typical for a high roller bonus?

High roller bonuses are typically meant for more lucrative casino games, like classic card and table games roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. These games tend to be preferred among high rollers.

Do I have to join the VIP program as a high roller?

High roller casino bonus offers differ and not all are necessary a part of the VIP program - some casinos may have standalone high roller bonuses. However, in many cases, you, indeed, have to be a part of the VIP program.

Are all high roller bonuses the same?

No, each high roller bonus is different and the rewards depend on each unique bonus. Many high roller bonus casinos tend to have similar terms, though, and often you're required to achieve a certain loyalty level before you can redeem the high roller bonus.

How do you claim your online high roller bonus?

The casino high roller bonus applied to your account automatically, granted you've fulfilled the bonus terms and activation rules. Sometimes, though, high roller bonuses get only credited if you've played at the online casino regularly and for bigger amounts.

Can you make money off online casino high roller bonuses?

Since every high roller bonus has unique terms that may limit withdrawals to some extent, you first need to fulfill those terms before you can cash out the bonus. Remember, high roller casino bonus offers are not meant to be means to earn money - these are just extra perks.

What are the terms and conditions of my high roller bonus?

All high roller bonuses have a unique set of terms and conditions, even though terms may be quite similar. Most likely, you need to fulfill playthrough requirements and you may also have a limit on the maximum bet size. Always read the terms applied to high roller casino bonus offers.