Sic Bo Tips and Secrets Revealed

Sic Bo


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Sic Bo aka Tal Sai aka Dal Slu is a popular gambling game on the Macau and Las Vegas casino floors. It’s played using three dice, and gamers bet on the result of a single roll.

Sic Bo Tips and Secrets Revealed

But apart from being popular on Asian casino floors, Sic Bo is also commonplace at the best online casinos. So, are you interested in playing the Sic Bo game online? Here are some Sic Bo tips to help you succeed more often.

How to Play Sic Bo Game?

If you can play craps, then you’ll not struggle at a Sic Bo table. Like craps, it’s a game of chance where dice are thrown, and the outcome is determined. But that’s where the similarity ends. In Sic Bo, every result can either be a loss or a win. This contrasts with craps, where specific wagers require certain rolls to win.

The rules of betting in Sic Bo are relatively straightforward. Your objective is to predict the total of the three dice rolled by the croupier. So, simply choose the bet amount for each roll and wait for the outcome. Note, however, that Sic Bo allows several bets on each roll, adding the exciting element of a Sic Bo strategy.

Bet-wise, Sic Bo has lots of options. For example, you can bet on odd or even totals and get an even number payout of 1:1. You can also bet on two dice combinations and enjoy a 6:1 payout. The highest paying bet is the specific triples where the selected number appears on all three dice. The payout ratio? A staggering 180:1!

Sic Bo Strategy for Beginners

As a beginner, it’s vital to understand that Sic Bo is purely about luck, just like any other gambling game. As such, no proven strategy can increase your winning chances by reducing the house edge. But fortunately, nothing is out of reach in the world of online gambling.

Successful Sic Bo players are patient. As such, approach the game cautiously by betting on higher odds with minimum bets and lower odds with big stakes. This defensive approach allows you to extend the life of your bankroll while increasing your chances of winning a decent sum. But remember, the house edge is likely to increase with higher odds.

Another Sic Bo strategy worth considering is betting on combination bets. In this type of bet, you predict that two specific numbers will be rolled. Here’s the thing; these bets have a 2.75% advantage, which can be rather small on paper. But if you factor in the hourly losses, this can be the tiny window you need to win more often. So, use these wagers more often. 

Also, it’s generally a bad idea to bet on too many positions. Most online casinos typically allow players to wager on a maximum of 16 positions per roll. But although you’ll likely win several bets, you’ll lose even more. Put simply, don’t be over-ambitious. 

Does the Martingale System Apply?

Martingale is a betting system involving doubling your bet size every time a loss comes around. This happens until you register a win and recoup your losses. The Martingale betting system is highly recommended in probability games like coin toss and dice games like Sic Bo and craps. That’s because there is a 50/50 chance of winning and losing.

Here’s an example; you wager $10 and lose. Then, Martingale advises you to double that amount. If you lose again, this gives you a $30 loss. But don’t stop just yet; bet another $40. If you’re lucky to win your fourth $80 bet, this gives you a slim profit margin of $10. 

But that’s easy on paper because using the Martingale system on Sic Bo is playing with fire. First, you’ll need a big enough bankroll to sustain several losing sessions. And secondly, there is no guarantee that the following outcome will result in a win. So, don’t bet anything you can’t lose.

What are the Lucky Numbers in Sic Bo?

As said before, you have equal chances of landing a specific number in a roll. But the odds of rolling a particular number is 1 in 6. Just say, when three dice are rolled, you have a 50% chance of landing a single number. 

But even with that, 12 and 9 give players the best possible chance to win. That’s because they have payouts close to their probabilities, which is 6:1. However, that’s just the gambler’s fallacy, as nothing is certain in this game.

Ready to Play?

All casino games are luck-based, including blackjack and poker. Therefore, play for fun and enjoy every moment. Don’t play to win big money on Sic Bo, as your chances of losing are equal to winning, if not higher. But overall, the Sic Bo game is perfect if you want to try something new.

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

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