March 18, 2022

Online Slots Hit Frequency – Know the Math

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Skill-based online casino games such as blackjack and poker have always stood out as the games for the savvy guys. But while this is partially true, math skills are vital in slot machines. As straightforward as they look, online slots have their tactical sides that can make or break your gaming session. 

Online Slots Hit Frequency – Know the Math

One such feature is the online slot hit frequency. Many players are often concerned with the RTP, house edge, variance, and paylines that they forget about the win rate. So, this post will unpack the basics of slot machine hit frequency and how to calculate it. Read on!

What is Slot Hit Frequency?

Slot machine hit frequency is typically confused with variance. But these two terms are slightly different. Basically, a slot hit frequency refers to how often the machine creates a payout. This is usually calculated in percentages.

On average, the hit frequency of most online slots at most top online casinos is anything between 20% to 35%. Now assuming a game has a 20% hit frequency, you can expect to with at least 1 in every five spins. This info should help you create the perfect gambling bankroll.

How to determine the game’s hit frequency

One thing is sure; most slot players don’t know how to calculate the game’s hit frequency. It even gets worse as most game developers don’t give out this information. So, how do you figure out this win rate?

RTP (return to player)

RTP is the average amount a slot machine pays out in the long term. Like the hit frequency, this is usually calculated in percentage. Often, the game developers will be glad to share the RTP. For instance, if you make a $1,000 bet on a slot machine with 96% RTP, it means you can win up to $960 in the long run. So obviously, a higher RTP is the way to go.

With that said, use the RTP to know the win rate of the game. With 96% being the industry standard, anything way above that, like 97.5% or 97.5%, means the machine pays out more often. The reverse is also true for figuring out an unknown RTP. Note, however, that the RTP is just the theoretical assumption and can’t be used to ascertain anything.

Variance or volatility

Another game feature that can be used to measure the odds of winning in the short run is volatility or variance. A low volatility slot pays out more frequently than highly volatile games. However, the former payout huge sums. Some game developers indicate the volatility on a scale of 10 or 5. 

So, if a slot machine is rated 4/5, it simply means that players should expect fewer wins. With such a prediction, you can also expect the hit frequency to be on the lower end, probably less than 20%. Conversely, use the win frequency to know if you’re playing a low or high variance slot machine.

Bonus features

The best online casinos like PlayAmo often welcome new gamers with a warm deposit or no-deposit bonus. It even gets better during gameplay as some slot machines come with bonus features like free spins, cascading reels, Megaways pays, multipliers, wilds, and so on. 

But savvy players don’t play at slot machines that dish out free spins, respins, and other bonuses at any given opportunity. That’s because the developers offer such incentives knowing very well that the game has a low hit frequency. Remember that nothing goes for nothing in online gambling. Remember, bigger casino rewards have stricter playthrough requirements. 

Playing Games for Free

Many players don’t take time to play the slot games demo version before risking anything. This is even though demo games are free to play at the casino website or the game developer’s website. While it might seem time-consuming to practice playing a game that requires no skills, intelligent players use this experience to calculate the win frequency. 

For example, you can register 2,000 outcomes, out of which 400 result in winning sessions. In that case, the average hit frequency should be 20% (400/2000 x 100). To put it simply, you won at least one spin in every five during the demo session. Now that’s a low-frequency slot machine.

RTP and Variance are Unreliable!

Determining a slots hit frequency is challenging because most software providers don’t give out this information. But fortunately, the game’s variance and RTP information should help get a rough estimate of how frequent a winning combo can hit. As said before, low variance and high RTP slots should have higher hit frequencies since players regularly form a winning combo.

But because the game variance and RTP are the theoretical calculations from the developer, they don’t give a clear picture. Therefore, the most reliable way to know the hit frequency is to play the game and look at the paytable. Remember that you’ll need to register thousands of outcomes to get the average outlook.

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