Skrill Rewards Programs: Maximizing Benefits for Online Casino Transactions

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Given the immense growth and development of iGaming, new and veteran casino players are now constantly on the lookout for the best online casino payment methods. In recent years, Skrill's has become a preferred e-Wallet for online casino players.

The Skrill Rewards Program, which provides customers with perks including cashback, bonuses, and special promotions, is a big reason for the service's success and why it's one of the safest payment methods to use in the iGaming industry.

On this page, we'll go over the details of the Skrill rewards programs which you might use at a Skrill online casino, including the perks you can expect to get, as well as some tips for getting the most out of them.

Skrill Rewards Programs: Maximizing Benefits for Online Casino Transactions

Skrill Knect Rewards Program

The Knect Rewards Program from Skrill is geared on rewarding customers for their activity, including an online casino Skrill deposit and withdrawal. Knect points are earned with every eligible deposit and may be redeemed for things like cashback, bonuses, and special offers.

It's easy to participate in the program. Anyone with a Skrill account may join the Knect program and start earning rewards right now. After signing up, customers will automatically get Knect points for any Skrill transactions or deposits made at an online casino Skrill. The more you shop, the more points you earn, and the better the bonuses you get.

Cashback on transaction costs, savings on the Skrill prepaid MasterCard, and the best online casino bonuses are just some of the benefits of joining the Skrill Knect Rewards Program. Knect points have a lot of value since users may exchange them for cash or merchandise.

Skrill VIP Rewards Program

When it comes to rewards and bonuses, the Skrill VIP Rewards Program much outstrips the Knect program, making it ideal for frequent customers.

Members of the VIP program are those who, during the course of a calendar quarter, make a certain number of purchases. There are four levels in the VIP program: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. The advantages at each tier increase in quality in relation to those at the preceding tier.

  • Bronze Tier: The minimum quarterly transaction volume to qualify for the Bronze Tier of the VIP program is $6,000. Members at the bronze level get access to perks including reduced foreign exchange costs, faster bank deposits and withdrawals, and specialized support staff available around the clock.
  • Silver Tier: Transactions of at least $15,000 every calendar quarter place a user in the Silver tier. Members at the Silver grade get a free Skrill prepaid MasterCard in addition to the lowered foreign exchange costs, increased transaction and ATM withdrawal limits, and other bonuses available to Bronze members.
  • Gold Tier: If you do business worth at least $45,000 every calendar quarter, you will be promoted to the Gold Tier. All the perks of the Silver plan, plus cheaper foreign exchange rates, higher transaction and withdrawal limits, a free Skrill prepaid MasterCard (no issuance or monthly service fees), and more, are available to Gold plan subscribers. Gold members also get a dedicated account manager and access to priority customer service.
  • Diamond Tier: To reach the highest VIP category, Diamond, customers must make at least $90,000 in purchases in a calendar quarter. Members at the Diamond level get access to all the perks of the Gold level, plus the lowest possible FX costs, the largest possible transaction and withdrawal limits, and invites to special Diamond-only events and promotions hosted by Skrill.

As part of unique events and invites, VIP members get exclusive promotions and a top online casino bonus at an online casino with Skrill. To further improve the gaming experience and increase the odds of winning, certain online casinos may provide Skrill VIP members with customized bonuses.

Plus, Skrill VIP customers get access to a personal account manager to help with everything relating to their accounts. VIP customers will always have the greatest possible experience at a Skrill-accepted online casino because of this level of individualized attention.

Benefits of Skrill Rewards Programs for Online Casino Users

Trying out secure payment methods online has its major perks in terms of safety. However, playing at an online casino that accepts Skrill also has other major advantages when it comes to the Rewards Programs. Here are 3 examples:

  • Exclusive Rewards & Bonuses: Players who make an online casino deposit with Skrill and then withdrawal have access to certain perks not accessible to those who use other safe payment methods. These may come in the form of deposit match bonuses, free spins, and cashback bonuses, all of which increase the player's chances of winning.
  • Reduced Transaction Costs: Skrill's rewards program provides customers with cashback bonuses and lower fees for VIP members, allowing them to save money on transaction expenses. For those who play often, this might mean big cost savings.
  • Increased Convenience: With Skrill, players at an online casino that accepts Skrill may make instant deposits and withdrawals without disclosing their financial details to any other parties. When compared to more conventional banking methods or even other modern and secure payment methods, Skrill's e-wallet simplifies the handling of money and speeds up the processing time.

Maximizing Skrill Rewards for Online Casino Transactions

The following are some methods players may use to maximize their winnings from online casino deposits made using Skrill:

  • Achieving and Maintaining VIP Status: Gaining and keeping VIP status allows users to have access to exclusive perks and services. Players may achieve this by focusing on making Skrill transactions during a calendar quarter to reach the necessary levels.
  • Using Skrill Rewards Programs in Conjunction with Online Casino Promotions & Bonuses: Players at online casinos are regularly offered bonuses and promotions that may be used in tandem with Skrill's loyalty program for optimal profit. To maximize their winnings, players can seek out casinos that have special deals only available via Skrill.
  • Redeeming Knect Points Regularly: Using your Knect points on a regular basis is important since they will expire if you don't. Users who want to get the most out of their points should keep track of how many they have and use them to buy rewards before they expire.
  • Diversifying Rewards: The value of a user's Skrill rewards may be maximized by varying the sorts of rewards they redeem. They may, for instance, utilize cashback offers to cover transaction costs, trade in points for cash or gift cards, and claim special casino bonuses.
  • Staying Updated on New Promotions & Offers: Skrill and the online casinos that accept it often roll out new promos and deals, so it's important to keep up with them. Users that keep up with these offerings may take advantage of the latest in points earning and redemption.


Nowadays, everyone knows that Skrill is among the list of safe online payment methods that comes with tons of advantages like instant withdrawals. What most casino players don't know, however, is that gamblers who use Skrill may get cashback, access to exclusive bonuses, or lower transaction fees.

Therefore, give your next online casino experience a boost by familiarizing yourself with and making use of Skrill's Knect and VIP Rewards Programs.

Achieving and retaining VIP status, combining Skrill rewards with online casino bonuses, and staying alert of new offers and promotions are all great ways to get the most out of these programs.

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How can I sign up for Skrill Knect Rewards?

The Skrill Knect Rewards Program is open to anybody with a Skrill account who chooses to opt-in. After activating your account, you may begin using Skrill to make purchases that will earn Knect points.

How do I qualify for the Skrill VIP Rewards Program?

You may join the Skrill VIP Rewards Program by making a certain number of purchases each calendar quarter. There are different requirements for each tier of VIP status (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond). Your chances of being accepted into Skrill's VIP program improve the more you use the service.

Can I use Skrill rewards in combination with other online casino promotions?

Skrill bonuses may be used in addition to other bonuses offered by online casinos, such as deposit match bonuses and free spins. For users, this might mean greater benefits and possibilities for success.

Do Knect points expire?

If you don't use your Knect points by a certain date, they will be forfeited. Users who want to get the most out of their points should keep track of how many they have and use them to buy rewards before they expire.

Can I transfer my Skrill rewards to another user?

Neither Knect points nor VIP status obtained on Skrill may be transferred to another user's account.

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