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Voodoo DreamsResponsible Gambling
BonusBonus $100 + 200 Free Spins
Unique gamification system for rewards
Wide selection of games from top providers
Fast and secure payment options
Mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go gaming
Unique gamification system for rewards
Wide selection of games from top providers
Fast and secure payment options
Mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go gaming
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When it comes to online casinos, Voodoo Dreams is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Poker, Video Poker, Slots, Dragon Tiger, Bingo, and countless others. The game library at Voodoo Dreams is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Lightning Box, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Microgaming, Playson. So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at Voodoo Dreams.



Online video slot games are one of the most interesting games you can find online. They are fun and easy to play and at the same time, they offer such excitement. Slots offer such diversity and they have gone a long way since they were first invented. You don’t have to wait for the symbols to line up in the middle anymore, now you can control how many bet lines you want to play on. Just keep in mind that the fewer lines get a lower chance of winning per spin. The columns on the slot machine are called reels, and usually, slots have 5 reels but there might be others with more or fewer reels. Symbols refer to what you can find on the reels, and when you land the same symbols on a pay line you will receive a payout. We have base symbols, the least valuable symbols and then we have the special symbols.

Special symbols usually include scatter symbols and wilds, and these are the ones you want to see more often on the reels. These are all the special symbols you can find in an online video slot game:

· Bonus symbols enable bonuses and special features.

· Scatter symbols usually trigger the free spins round and they offer payouts even when they are not on an active payline.

· Special symbols are specific to some games and they offer some additional features.

· Big symbols cover more than one position on the reels and thus they offer a bigger payout.

· Stacked symbols appear stacked on each other on the wheel, and they offer better payouts.

· Wild symbols can have many different functions in a game. They can stand in for any other symbol to finish a payline and in some cases, they come with multipliers. In some slots, they can even act as scatters and bonus symbols.

· Cloning wild is a symbol that replicates to adjacent reels and that way increases the chance of a bigger win.

· Expanding wild is a symbol that can cover a whole reel when it appears and increase the win.

Besides the special symbols, what makes online video slot games so interesting is the fact that they offer special features as well. The most common special feature and the one that most players appreciate is the free spins feature. Usually, the free spins are triggered when you land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. But, many other special features will make your gameplay even more thrilling.

Avalanche is quite an interesting feature where the winning symbols will disappear and they will be replaced with new ones, allowing you to create new winning combinations. What is more, the avalanche feature also provides a multiplier on consecutive wins.

Cloning Wheel, when activated, allows an entire wheel to be copied to another, resulting in two identical reels.

Pick-and-click is a mini-game round where you have to choose between different objects. When the selection is made, all the possible wins are revealed.



Baccarat is one of those games that everyone has to try at least once. The gameplay is very simple but the thrill of playing it is out of this world. So, if you are a beginner we will help you learn how to play your cards right.

It turns out, you don't have to be James Bond to play Baccarat and win. There are three bets in Baccarat, The Bankers hand, the Player's hand, and a Tie. The goal of the game is to place a bet on the winning hand. Baccarat starts with you placing a bet and the dealer will deal two hands, one will be the bankers hand and the other will be the Player's hand.

When you receive your two cards you need to calculate the points and determine the value of your hand. The 10s and the face cards are valued at 0, the Ace is valued 1, and the cards from 2 through 9 have their face value.

If you are lucky enough to have the point total of your first two cards equal to 8 or 9, this hand is called Natural, and you are the winner of the round.

If this happens, the round ends here and no more cards are dealt. But, if no one has a natural hand then the game will continue. The player, or in this case you, is the one who has to finish the round first. If your hand total is between 6 and 7 you will stand, but if your total is between 0 and 5 you will need a third card. You can`t influence the gameplay in any way, because Baccarat is played according to predetermined rules that both you and the banker have to follow.

When you finish your hand and it is the banker`s turn, this is where things get more complicated. The good thing here is that you don’t have to know the rules for the banker.

If you don't take the third card, the rules for the banker are the same. They will need a third cad on a hand with a total value between 0 and 5, and they will stand on a hand with a total value of between 6 and 7.

But, if you take a third card, then the rules for the banker are slightly different, and if you want to know more about what is going on with the game you might go through the rules. They are as follows:

· When the player draws a 9, 10, face-card, or Ace as their third card, the Banker will draw if the total value of their hand is between 0 and 3 and they will stand on a total value of between 4 and 7.

· When the player draws an 8 as their third card, the Banker will draw if the total value of their hand is between 0 and 2 and they will stand on a total value of between 3 and 7.

· When the player draws a 6 or 7 as their third card, the Banker will draw if the total value of their hand is between 0 and 6 and they will stand on a total value of 7.

· When the player draws a 4 or 5 as their third card, the Banker will draw if the total value of their hand is between 0 and 5 and they will stand on a total value of 6 or 7.

· When the player draws a 2 or 3 as their third card, the Banker will draw if the total value of their hand is between 0 and 4 and they will stand on a total value of 5, 6, or 7.

The tie bet is the most interesting in Baccarat, mainly because it offers the highest payout. The payout for this bet is 8 to 1, and in some variations, the tie bet is even 9 to 1, but the odds of this bet to happen are small. For this reason, you need to be extra careful, especially if you are a beginner. If the hand ends in a tie, the bets to the Banker and the bets to the Player are returned, and only the tie bets are paid.

One thing that you need to remember when it comes to playing Baccarat is that the basic strategy of the game doesn't change. The secret here is in the house edge. And since we said before the game is played according to a predetermined set of rules, the only thing you can do is to choose your bet wisely. The bankers bet has a lower house edge, and in the long run, the banker bet will win more often than the players bet. So, if you want to play safe, then we advise you to choose the banker bet. And, if you feel lucky, then the tie bet will bring the highest payout to you, so you should go for it.



One of the main reasons why bingo is gaining such popularity lately is the fact that it is easy to learn and it offers tons of fun. There are different variations of the game and some of the most popular include Electro Bingo, Mayan Bingo, Samba Bingo, Super Bonus Bingo, and Sassy Bingo. To start playing you need to buy a ticket, and each ticket has numbers from 1 through 90. The numbers are grouped in columns to make it easier for you to find the number that is called. The game aims to get a line or a full house before anyone else does. Different variations offer different rules. Some cards will bring a win with only one line, but others require you to complete two lines. These lines don’t have to be together, but they need to be on the same ticket. When you get all of the numbers crossed off your bingo ticket, you get a full house.

This is a game that requires a couple of players, so the games are planned to begin at set times. Each game takes place in a Bingo room, so you will have to choose the game you want to play and enter the room.

There are different variations of the game and the main difference between them is how many numbers there are available. You can find the following bingo games at VoodooDreams Casino:

90-ball bingo

80-ball bingo

75-ball bingo

40-ball bingo

36-ball bingo



At VoodooDreams you can find three different blackjack games:

· Blackjack Neo from Relax Gaming is a very simple game with almost 3000 betting options. At this game, you can take advantage of three-hand betting and many others.

· Blackjack Multihand from Play`n Go offers three-hand betting and insurance options.

· Blackjack first person from Evolution Gaming offers 3D visuals and a live-casino hybrid experience.

Blackjack is a very easy game to learn and that is one of the main reasons it is gaining popularity lately. The game starts with you placing a bet and you have to beat the house. In blackjack, you don't care about the other players. You will receive two cards and the idea of the game is to get a hand that is closer to 21, higher than the dealer without going bust.

Depending on the variation of the game you choose to play, but mostly you will receive your two cards face up and the dealer will have one card face-up and one card face-down. When you see the value of the hand and the dealer`s face-up card, you will have to decide what your next move would be.

In the past, the game was played with a single deck of cards, but once counting cards became a thing, casinos started introducing more decks. When there are more cards of the same value in play it would be difficult for card counters to keep track.

The cards from 2 through 10 have their face value, Jacks, Kings, and Queens are valued at 10, and Aces act kind of like a Joker card and they can be valued as 1 or 11.

When the ace is valued as 11, the hand is called ‘soft’, and when the Ace is valued as 1, the hand is called ‘hard’.

If you are lucky enough to receive a 10 valued card and an Ace, you have a Natural Blackjack and you are the winner of the round. If both you and the dealer have a Blackjack, the hand ends in a push, and no one is the winner and the bets are returned.

If the dealer`s face-up card is a 10 or an Ace, you can place an Insurance bet. This is a side bet where you bet that the dealer has a Blackjack. If you want to take insurance you need to place an additional bet that is equal to half of your original bet. If the dealer does have a Blackjack then the Insurance bet wins. If they don’t, then the insurance bets are lost and the players who have Blackjack receive their payment.

When you receive your two cards and if you are happy with the hand you can stand. This means you are not taking any additional cards.

If you believe that another card can improve your hand, then you can Hit and receive a card. You can hit as many times you need to until you go bust.

If the two cards you receive are of matching rank, you have the option to split your cards and play them as two separate hands. You will have to place a bet that is equal to your original bet as well. If you receive a second card which is of the same rank, you can split again. The split hands are played one at a time, and you have all the usual options. If you split aces, you can get only one additional card.

Surrender is another option available to players and it will allow you to take back half your bet.



Poker is a game where you have to put some effort into it, learn the rules, and master your poker face. Well, one of the benefits of playing online is that you don't have to bluff because no one will see you. So if you are anxious and you believe that you can`t keep your face straight then online poker is the best choice for you.

As we said before, it will take some time to learn the rules of poker before you play for real money, and if you are going to learn one game then we suggest you start with No-Limit Texas Hold`em. This is at the same time one of the most popular games and it is played at tournaments as well. The thing with poker is that once you learn the basics of the game, you can play any other variation you want. So this is how the game is played in a nutshell.

You will receive two cards, and you will have to use those cards and the five community cards to make the best five-card poker hand. The player with the best hand wins the pot. You can bet as much as you want during the four rounds of betting.

The most important thing here is to learn the basic poker hand rankings, and we have to say they are not that complicated at all:

· Royal Flush is a hand consisting of cards in the same suit in sequence.

· Straight Flush is a hand consisting of cards of the same suit in any sequence.

· Four of a Kind is a hand consisting of four cards of the same value.

· Full House is a hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair.

· Flush is a hand consisting of all the same suits.

· Straight is a hand consisting of 5 cards in sequence of a different suit.

· Three of a Kind is a hand consisting of three cards of the same value.

· Two Pair is a hand consisting of two pairs.

· Pair is a hand consisting of one pair only.

· High Hand is when your highest card will help determine the winner.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck and this is how the game works. The dealer will deal you 2 cards and you can bet any amount you want or check, which means doing nothing for the round. If someone bets, you have the following options:

· You can call, which means you need to match the amount of the raise into the pot.

· You can fold, which means you give up the hand and you will lose all the chips that you have put in the pot.

· You can raise it if you believe that you have a good chance, and put more chips into the pot.

Once the first betting round is complete, the dealer will deal three cards face-up. This is called the flop, and the cards are called community cards and everyone can use them to complete their hand.

There is another round of betting, where every player has a chance to raise or fold. When the betting is done the dealer puts another card on the table, and this is called the turn.

Players have one more chance to bet, and the dealer puts the fifth card on the board that anyone can use, and this is called the river. And after this round, the winner is the person with the best poker hand.

Another thing that you need to know when it comes to poker is 'Binds'. There are two blinds, the small one and the big one. These are small bets that the players need to put in the pot before every hand starts. Since you are forced to see these bets even before you see your cards, hence the name 'blinds'.