Scratch Cards Gameplay

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Scratchcards are undoubtedly the perfect games for low-cost and instant-result gambling. With these games, players only have to scratch off the foil on the ticket to reveal the prize. And thanks to technology, gamblers can access online scratchcards remotely on their internet devices.

But the gameplay varies depending on the game type. So, this short text discusses how scratch cards work and the math behind the outcome of this fun casino game.

Scratch Cards Gameplay

How to Play Scratchcards Offline and Online

Scratch cards come in various forms from lottery companies, charities, and businesses. Some scratch cards are also sold as separate products, while others are included in product promotions or giveaways.

Traditional Scratch Cards

The gameplay of a conventional scratch card is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps:

Find a Scratch Card to Play

Players must first purchase a card from a retailer like a gas station, grocery store, land-based casino, etc. Note that the cost of the card can vary from several cents to a few dollars, depending on the potential prizes on offer.

Scratch the Card to Reveal the Prize

Next, scratch off the layer on the card using a coin or fingernail to reveal the hidden message underneath. As said earlier, the message may be a symbol or a prize amount, and players must match this to a predetermined winning combination to claim a prize.

Claim the Scratch Card Prize

If the lucky player wins, they can claim the reward by following the instructions behind the card. For instance, players may need to contact the company that issued the card or take the winning card to a retailer or lottery office.

Online Scratch Cards

Many players often think that scratch card gameplay is the same for offline and online versions. While the main objective is to find the prize on the card, online scratch cards are more like slots. So, below are the steps for playing scratchcards online:

Find an Online Scratch Card to Play

Players must first find a regulated online casino that offers scratch cards. They can do this by asking friends, reading online reviews, or simply hand-picking a scratch card gambling site from OnlineCasinoRank.

Fund the Casino Account

After finding a casino, sign up and make a real money deposit to use when playing scratch cards. Most times, casinos can reward players with scratch card bonuses like:

  • Match deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Cashback

Use these casino bonuses and promotions to test the scratch card games and find the best fit. For example, some cards can pay out more often than others. But don't forget to read the bonus terms before claiming anything.

Play the Game and Win!

Head to the casino library and choose a scratch card game. Gamers must match at least three icons on the 3x3 card to receive a payout. Online scratch card games often have numerous symbols with varying payouts, including 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x, etc. So, read the paytable before playing.

Real Money Scratch Card Math

One question that players often ask is how the game outcomes are determined. Do lottery companies have any control over the winning results? The company will start by setting a base amount they wish to distribute for offline scratch cards. This means a bigger prize pool will have more winning tickets and lower purchasing fees.

Regarding online scratch cards, the results are randomly created using a random number generator (RNG). This software generates billions of random results per round, eliminating any rigging possibilities. So, in the end, the outcome of traditional and online scratch cards is purely luck-based.

But that doesn't mean gamers should surrender their fate to luck when playing. Here are some tips to implement:

  • Play cards from reputable suppliers
  • Online players should play at licensed and tested casinos
  • Play scratch cards with bigger prize pools
  • Choose online cards with higher RTP
  • Use online casino bonuses


Scratchcards offer a fun and exciting way to gamble, as they have the potential for big prizes at a relatively low cost. But remember that scratch cards are a form of gambling and should be played responsibly. Set a budget and avoid chasing losses or overspending on these cards.

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