Online vs. Traditional Scratch Cards: Know the Differences

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Scratch card is an age-old gambling game where players buy a lottery ticket and scratch off the silver layer to reveal the prize. Gamers can purchase these tickets at land-based casinos, gas stations, grocery stores, and other retail outlets. The rules and payouts can vary, but they are generally easy to play and offer the player instant gratification.

But thanks to technology, almost all casino games, including scratch cards, have online versions. Players at the best online casinos can play remotely on their mobile phones and computers for real money. But what’s the difference between online scratch cards and traditional cards? This guide explains it in detail.

Online vs. Traditional Scratch Cards: Know the Differences

How to Play Scratch Cards

Most beginner gamblers think playing scratch cards online is similar to buying a ticket at the local corner shop. But while that’s true with the game’s older versions, newer versions are more about online slots than physical cards. Players must match at least three identical symbols on the 3x3 grid to receive a payout. Each symbol has a varying payout, and gamers can unlock free rounds as they would with free spins on slots.


Convenience is a common feature between online and traditional cards. With both games, players can win prizes 24/7 if they have money to play. But online cards offer slightly more convenience, as gamblers can play anywhere, any time. Launch the game on the top online casinos and click play to match the symbols. Additionally, there are many online versions of scratch cards, most using online slot themes.


Players who lose a lot can start doubting the outcomes of physical and online scratch cards. However, these fears are often unfounded if players purchase the cards from a reliable venue or online casino. Online cards use RNG (random number generator) systems to produce unpredictable results, eliminating any chances of the operator or supplier tampering with the results. In short, use scratch cards only from reputable companies.


Both online and physical scratch cards are straightforward to play. But while physical cards are just about scratching off a layer, online cards may need some patience. Online players must first read the game’s paytable to know the maximum amount to win from the game and how each symbol payouts. In addition, these players must consider features like the RTP (return to player) and volatility, which ultimately determines how often the game pays out.

Claiming the Prize

Winners of online and physical cards claim their prizes differently. With the offline version, players must know the dates when the card results are announced or risk losing the entire amount. But online players don’t need to worry about forgetting the dates. After matching the required symbols, the casino instantly processes a payout. Of course, the duration of receiving the online payout depends on the casino and payment method.

Bonuses Make a Difference

Most lottery companies don’t allow players to scratch the cards for free, as gamers must purchase them to know their fate. Conversely, online casinos provide new and regular players free credits. Below are some standard scratch card bonuses for new and loyal online users:

  • Match deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Cashback
  • High roller bonuses

But remember that players can only convert winnings into withdrawable cash after fulfilling the wagering requirements. So, choose a scratch card bonus with the lowest possible wagering requirements.


Online and offline scratch cards obviously have lots of similarities and differences. But regardless of the version, players must practice bankroll management because the outcomes of these games are entirely luck-based. Online gamblers can improve their odds of winning by playing casino games with higher payout rates, preferably 96% and above.

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