10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting PurplePay

Over the past few years, online casino payment options have moved to a brand new level, offering a vast selection of methods, low fees, fast transactions, and quite a straightforward online payment process.

Among the many payment methods you can use for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, PurplePay really stands out with its fast and reliable transactions. PurplePay is a technology-driven platform that allows you to easily manage and pay at any online casino, without any hidden fees.

By far, one of the most common issues that online bettors have when it comes to payment methods is how to choose the best, as the variety is wide. So, in order to be as helpful as possible, let's go deeper into the PurplePay casino payment method to see if that's the right option for you.

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What is PurplePay?

Before moving forward, let's first see what PurplePay is and how it works with online casinos. Many players think that PurplePay is just an e-voucher payment system, which can be purchased using different credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and e-wallets. However, that's not quite true.

Just a while ago, Purpledot Media introduced a new way of paying online, PurplePay. It is a digital financial service product, which can be downloaded and installed on any mobile device, or directly using the PurplePay site. Once you get full access to PurplePay after registering, you will get a fast and easy way to manage your funds.

Overall, PurplePay is an e-wallet payment system, which allows you to control your money whenever you want and wherever you are. One of the biggest advantages of PurplePay casino payments is that you will see the exact amount you are going to deposit, without any hidden fees.

How to Make Deposits at PurplePay Casinos?

E-wallets are quite popular for straightforward, simple, and secure transactions, which also applies to PurplePay. So, when you get the app, you should start looking for online casinos that accept PurplePay, which number is increasing, due to the growing interest in this e-wallet.

After you join the corresponding casino, you can enter the PurplePay website, or get the app, from where you can open an account on the payment platform.

Then, you can proceed with PurplePay deposits, which is again a very simple process.

  • Create an account at PurplePay
  • Go to your casino account
  • Go to the deposit section
  • Choose PurplePay as a deposit method
  • Send funds to your casino account

How to Withdraw Money with PurplePay from an Online Casino?

When you start enjoying online casino games, you will probably start wondering if it is possible to collect your winnings using PurplePay. Well, the answer is yes, but you should be informed that not every online casino supports PurplePay as a withdrawal method.

However, if yes, you can withdraw easily, as you already made a deposit with the method, so everything is already connected.

  • Go to your casino account
  • Enter the withdraw/ cashier section
  • Select PurplePay as a withdrawal method
  • Enter the required details about the transaction
  • Wait for the casino to approve your withdrawal request

Is verification required for withdrawing?

Most online casinos will require you to pass a verification process to prove your identity and address, before being able to collect any winnings from your account. Luckily, this process happens to be quite simple to pass, as you only need a scanned copy or even a picture of some of your personal documents.

For passing the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, you have the option to use any of the following personal documents:

  • ID Card
  • Driver's License
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Passport

When you successfully pass the KYC verification, you will not have any issues related to payments at the online casino you are a member of.

PurplePay Processing Times & Fees

One of the essential factors for casino players, when they are choosing a method for paying, is the processing time and fees. With the increasing number of payment options at online casinos, financial companies have to provide lower fees and processing times, in order to beat the competition.

And that's exactly what PurplePay does. Once you join any of the PurplePay casinos, you will be able to enjoy fast transactions, with very low fees. And unlike many other financial companies that have plenty of fees, which in most cases are hidden, with PurplePay everything is transparent, so you will see the exact amount you deposit and the fees for it.

Where is PurplePay Accepted?

A very important question that bettors usually have is "Which online casinos accept PurplePay?". Nevertheless, PurplePay is a fairly new payment method available for online bettors. It is available in quite a lot of destinations, like Canada, Australia, America, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, some parts of Europe, etc.

The gambling industry is looking forward to providing for its customers a convenient and straightforward way to make payments, so PurplePay comes as a great solution, with its transparency, simple site and mobile apps.

Are There any Casino Bonuses with PurplePay?

It comes as no surprise that almost all online gambling sites still do not provide any promo offers, related to deposits with PurplePay, as it is for other payment options like bank transfers, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill.

Most of the bonus offers seen on these gambling websites are related to making an initial deposit, and then getting a certain percentage as a bonus. Luckily, there is a trick for you to still take advantage of making a deposit with PurplePay and getting a bonus for that.

See, most online casino websites offer welcome bonus offers, but there are not specific terms for which method to use. So, you can make your deposit with PurplePay and get your bonus funds for that.

Another way for you to benefit from taking any bonus with PurplePay, is to look for casinos that offer various deposit bonus offers. These offers are similar to initial offers, so you only have to top up your account, and you get a certain percentage as a bonus. Those promotions are known as Reload Bonuses or Deposit Bonuses.

How to Choose the Best Deposit Method?

At first glance, picking a deposit method may sound quite simple, although it might not be, as you have to use the one that suits your requirements and needs perfectly. Every player is looking for different criteria for deposits, so it might be helpful to check out for what factors to look for when you are choosing a deposit method.

First of all, you should take a look at the fees, processing times, and, of course, security. Once that is valid, you must take a look at what currencies the payment method supports. And of course, what other perks are there for you?

Benefits of making deposits and withdrawals with PurplePay

PurplePay comes as a very solid payment method that you can use in online casinos. But, is it the right one for you? Well, let's see its benefits, to help you decide if it is.

  • PurplePay e-wallet supports plenty of currencies
  • You can use it for making a purchase, not only for online gambling
  • PurplePay supports prepaid vouchers
  • You can follow your funds in real time with PurplePay
  • You can manage your money using your mobile device

PurplePay Account Opening Process?

In order to start using PurplePay casino payments, you will have to open an account on the e-wallet platform, which will give you full access to its options. No matter if you are aiming to use it for sending and receiving money, or just for getting PurplePay vouchers, you will have to be a registered customer.

To open an account on the platform, you just have to enter its official website, and head to the registration form, where you will have to provide the following information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Bank Details
  • Mobile Number
  • Location
  • Legally Identified Gender
  • Username
  • Login PIN
  • Transaction PIN
  • Security Questions and Answers

Once you have filled out all the required data about your e-wallet account, you can proceed with downloading and installing the app of PurplePay, which will give you instant access to the platform via any mobile device. Once everything is set up, you can proceed with making a deposit at a casino of your choice.

PurplePay Safety and Security?

There is no doubt that safety and security are among the most essential factors when it comes to online payments. That's exactly why PurplePay's team put a lot of hard work into making its platform very safe for any customer, so when you make a purchase, or just collect money, you should have no worries about any of your data being stolen.

PurplePay uses high encryption technology to protect your personal information from any third party. Overall, you can be sure PurplePay will protect you against getting scammed.

Discover Other Top Deposit Methods

If you think PurplePay casinos will not work for you, do not worry, there are tons of other payment options that you can use. So, let's go over some of the most popular alternatives that you can use for making transactions at online casinos.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are among the most popular and used options for paying at online casinos, as well as withdrawing. No matter the fact that bank transfers are extremely reliable and safe, they can come with high fees and very long waiting times.

Credit/ Debit Cards

Another great option for you to pay at your online casino, is by using a credit/ debit card, which is very safe and secure, but here you may need to type the details of your card every time. Also, the additional fees for making transactions can be quite high, as well as the processing times.

Crypto Wallets

Crypto payments entered the world of online gambling just a while ago, but have already managed to become one of the top payment methods. Cryptocurrency payments do not require any verification, allow you to be anonymous, and come with very low fees. Last but not least, crypto payments proceed instantly, no matter if we are talking about deposits or withdrawals.

Prepaid Vouchers

Another payment option that can be used for online casinos is prepaid vouchers. As you may suggest, prepaid vouchers can be used only for deposits, but when it comes to withdrawals, you will have to use other methods. It may surprise you that you can even get a PurplePay voucher that can be used for topping up your casino account. Of course, PurplePay prepaid vouchers are kind of outdated, so they are less used. However, PurplePay vouchers can come in handy in many different situations.

Final Verdict about PurplePay Casinos

PurplePay is still a very young option for you to pay at online casinos. It is a digital financial service product, developed by the popular company Purpledot Media. The innovative e-wallet of PurplePay will allow you to make fast and reliable payments not only at online casinos, but also to make any simple purchase online, giving you the freedom to use just one platform for all of your needs.

Using PurplePay will not come with any hidden fees, long waiting times, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable using it. Of course, before starting to use it, you will have to check if it's available at your location, as well if your casino supports that payment method.

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What is PurplePay?

PurplePay is one of the newest digital financial service products, developed by Purpledot Media. The e-wallet system allows you to easily manage your funds, without having to worry about hidden taxes, banking information, or anything else that is required for other payment methods.

Can I Use PurplePay for Casino Deposits?

Yes, with the increasing interest in PurplePay, more and more online casinos introduced it as an available payment method. It is expected that in the near future, you will see PurplePay in almost any online casino.

Is it Free to Use PurplePay?

Yes, creating an account at PurplePay is completely free. However, once you start using it, you will have to pay fees for transactions, which is important to know in advance.

Where is PurplePay accepted?

PurplePay is still a young company, which is not available in many countries. However, the increasing interest in it has made online casinos that offer this payment method rise at a very fast pace. No matter that PurplePay is operating in just a few countries all over the world, like Nigeria, France, South Africa, Qatar, Canada, America, New Zealand and a few more, you just have to be patient, as it is spreading quite fast.

What Details does PurplePay Collect from Users?

When you start using the Purple casinos' services, you will be asked to enter the essential details that allow you to make transactions. First, you will be asked to provide your Name, Address, Bank Details, Location, and Gender. After you enter your account, you will have to generate a username, login PIN, transaction PIN, and also some security questions.

Are there any Bonus Offers for PurplePay Casino Deposits?

Unfortunately, PurplePay is just entering the world of online casinos, so if you join any of them, you will probably not see any bonus offers related to that specific payment method. However, you can still benefit from the fact that there are some deposit bonus offers, which have no requirements for specific payment method.